Download Google Camera MGC_8.9.097_A11_V9 For All Android Phones

In today’s smartphone-centric world, everyone strives to capture the perfect photo. However, the default camera application on most mobile devices often falls short of delivering high-quality images. To address this issue, we present the Google Camera, also known as Gcam APK, specifically tailored for your Android Phones. Once you’ve installed this Google Camera application on your Android phone smartphone, you’ll be well-equipped to take stunning photos.

Before you proceed, it’s crucial to ensure that Camera2api is enabled on your Android Phones Android phone, as this is a prerequisite for optimal Google Camera performance. But first, let’s explore the remarkable features of Google Camera:

Google Camera Features:

1. Full-Resolution Night Mode: Capture memories at any time of the day without flash, preserving rich colors and crisp details, thanks to the full-resolution Night Mode feature.

2. HDR: Google Camera enhances image clarity and detail with its High Dynamic Range (HDR) capability.

3. AR Filters: Through a collaboration with Snap Inc., Android Phone users can choose from a variety of filters and Snapchat lenses to enhance their photos and videos, all within the Google Camera app.

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4. Multi-Lens Support: Android Phones Android users can capture an extensive range of details, whether through the Ultrawide mode for wide-angle shots or Macro mode for close-ups on small objects (Note: Specific OEM support is required for some features).

5. Portrait Mode: Google Camera excels at capturing beautiful portraits that focus on the subject while skillfully blurring the background.

6. Smart Storage: It offers intelligent storage suggestions and helpful storage indicators to prevent Android phone users from running out of memory.

7. Translate: Built with Google Lens integration, users can effortlessly translate foreign text by pointing the camera at it, allowing them to see the world in their own language.

8. Video: In addition to stunning photos, Camera from Google delivers high-quality video recordings.

Google Camera v8.9.097_A11_V9 For Android Phones

Download Google Camera MGC_8.9.097_A11_V9 For All Android Phones

Now, you can download the Google Camera v8.9.097_A11_V9 tailored for Android Phones. Rest assured, the download link provided here is 100% secure, whether it’s hosted on Google Drive or Telegram.

Download Google Camera v8.9.097_A11_V9 For Android Phones

Changelog: BSG Public Version Changelog (Version 8.9.097 – Released on September 16, 2023):

New Features:

  • Introduced an “Exposure Compensation” option ranging from +5 to -5 in the module settings.
  • Added a dedicated section called “Exposure Correction” within the module settings. This section is further divided into “AutoHDR+” and “EnhancedHDR+,” featuring options for “Exposure\ISO Correction” which include “Max Exposure,” “x8 Exposure,” “x6 Exposure,” “x4 Exposure,” “x2 Exposure,” “Off,” “x2 ISO,” “x4 ISO,” “x6 ISO,” “x8 ISO,” and “Max ISO.” When “Max Exposure” options are activated, an additional “Max Exposure Threshold (ms)” option becomes available. Similarly, when “Max ISO” options are activated, an additional “Min ISO Threshold” option is presented.
  • Introduced a toggle for enabling or disabling “Additional Settings” in the main settings. When activated in the module settings, an “Additional Settings” option is dynamically displayed.
  • Included new parameters in the “Additional Settings” section, categorized into “HDR+ (Off / Auto / Net)” and “Enhanced HDR+ / Night Sight.” These parameters are: “Sharpen Strength Factor,” “Dehaze Strength Factor,” “RGB LUT Strength Factor,” “Chroma Strength Factor,” “Luma Strength Factor,” “Luma Revert Factor,” “Luma Outlier Threshold Factor,” and “High Light Fix Zsl.”
  • Expanded the “Additional Settings” options for all modes to include “High Light Fix,” “Disable Preserving Highlights,” and “Skip Metadata Check.”
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Bug Fixes:

  • Addressed identified bugs in the modification’s operation.
  • Resolved issues related to the operation of certain devices.

This update brings significant enhancements and bug fixes to improve the overall performance and functionality of the BSG Public Version.

Support Devices Android 11+ All Smartphones
Mod Developer By BSG
Version 8.9.097_A11_V9
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Download Now:

How to Install Google Camera on Android Phones

Here’s a step-by-step guide on installing Google Camera on your Android Phones:


  1. Visit the Google Play Store and install “camera2API” (App Name: Manual Camera Compatibility).
  2. After installation, open the app and click on “Start.”
  3. Ensure that the following five options are marked with a green tick:
    • Manual Focus
    • Manual White Balance
    • Manual ISO
    • Manual Shutter Speed
    • Raw Support

Google Camera won’t function correctly if any of these options have a red tick.

Install Google Camera

  1. Now, click on the download link provided above to download the Google Camera file.
  2. After downloading, open your phone’s settings and enable “Allow apps from this source.”
  3. You can now enjoy the Google Camera on your Android Phones.


You’ve learned how to install Google Camera on your Android Phones Android smartphone, unlocking its full photographic potential. If you encounter any issues or wish to provide feedback for further improvements, don’t hesitate to contact us. We appreciate your time spent on our website and stand ready to assist you with any questions or challenges related to Google Camera. Thank you for choosing us to enhance your photography experience!

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